Companion Living

Companion Living

What is Companion Living?

Companion Living, one of our many distinctive assisted living programs at Sunrise Senior Living, pairs residents with similar interests and experiences to share a suite. The benefits of having a roommate are many, from relieving feelings of isolation through social interaction and friendship, to providing a financial benefit for both residents.

Companion Living

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Why Choose Companion Living?

Research has shown that people with many social ties have lower mortality rates and that strong social networks can help prevent declines in memory. By choosing Companion Living at Sunrise, residents are not only able to build new friendships, but develop a bond that can improve well-being, happiness and vitality.Additional benefits of Companion Living include:

  • Reduction in overall living costs
  • Smoother transition into our community through the introduction of a welcoming friend
  • Fewer feelings of depression and loneliness
  • Stronger bonds that serve as emotional comfort
  • Increased opportunity for making new friends and improved social interaction

Throughout the years, special friendships formed through Sunrise’s Companion Living program have resulted in irreplaceable emotional bonds. These residents also enjoy the personalized, relationship-based care families have come to expect at Sunrise. Additionally, our team meets with residents and families regularly to ensure everyone remains pleased with their living arrangements.

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