Nurturing the Mind, Body & Spirit

Our qualified Sunrise team offers at least six meaningful activities a day, tailored to meet the needs and desires of our residents. We offer daily programs that nurture the mind, body and spirit as well as an afternoon and evening social. The week at a glance is a snapshot of some of the activities planned at our community.

Sample Week at a Glance

9:00 Tai Chi for Health
9:30 Outing: Church
10:30 Aerobics of the Mind
16:00 Healthy Hands Class
19:30 Pictionary Tournament
9:00 Exercise Essentials
10:00 Outing: Planetarium
11:30 Team Scavenger Hunt
14:00 Wii Fit Face-off
15:00 French Bistro
19:00 The Purpose Driven Life
9:00 Calming Yoga
10:00 Blankets for Babies Project
11:00 Painting with Oils Class
15:00 Mexican Hot Chocolate Fiesta
16:00 Exerstriders Walking Club
19:00 "This I Believe" Discussion
9:00 Exercise Essentials
10:00 Person Place or Thing?
11:30 Creative Crafts Class
15:00 Gourmet Cooking Demo
16:00 Lite Weight Training
19:00 Western Movie Night
9:00 Better Balance Class
10:30 Outing: Botanical Garden
11:00 Bird Watchers Club
14:00 Piano for Beginners
15:00 Green Tea Tasting
18:30 Girl Scouts Visit
9:00 Exercise Essentials
10:30 Diet Myths Debunked
13:30 Trip to Memory Market
15:00 TGIF Party
16:00 Zumba Gold Dancing
19:30 Poetry of Whitman
9:00 Laughter Yoga
10:00 Bananagrams
13:30 Mad Science Demo
15:00 Jazz & Wine Nightclub
16:00 Exerstriders Walking Club
19:30 Classical Music Relaxation